What’s Up in NYC This Week

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Mets Fans!

If you’re in New York City, and looking for something fun and educational to do this week…all while incorporating some sports, if you can make it out to Queens, check out the “Sports Challenge” at the New York Hall of Science.


(From the Website):


“Cross-train your brain by gauging the speed of your fastball, climbing a rock wall, or surfing a wave, while learning the roles science plays in popular sports.

By playing at 15 different sports stations, visitors learn about friction, balance, physics, rotation, aerodynamics, reaction and reflection. Each of the sports stations focuses on a different scientific principle that is crucial to succeeding at that sport.

Whether you like baseball, basketball, auto racing or rock climbing, there is something for everyone, including: 

Wider is Better – The Balance Challenge
Go surfing, and you don’t even need a bathing suit! Stand on a surfboard that simulates the experience of a real wave and learn the vital role balance plays in surfing.

And They’re Off! – The Reaction Time Challenge
Start your engines when the lights on the “countdown tree” turn green, and test your reaction time by hitting the gas pedal as quickly as possible. Challenge a friend.

Get a Grip! – The Climbing Challenge Ready to go climb a wall? Learn how friction shapes the experience of a rock-climber as you climb along this authentic-feeling rock wall to see if you have what it takes to make it to the top.

Go Speed Racer! – The Racing Challenge
We’re going to let you speed without the worry of getting a ticket. Understand the role of aerodynamics as you compare the speed of a standard wheelchair to a sleek, racing wheelchair.

Flaming Fastballs – The Pitching Challenge
Test your speed and see if you are ready for the big leagues as a radar gun measures how fast you can throw a fastball. Then see the difference the size, shape, and weight of a ball makes as you test your speed throwing a softball and tennis ball the same distance.

Take A Leap – The Leap Challenge
Slam Dunk! Measure the height of your vertical leap along with the hang time of your jump as you try to reach for the basketball target. Learn how you can use your arms as momentum to get more height out of your jump.

That’s the Way the Ball Bounces – The Bounce Challenge
Did you ever wonder why they don’t play basketball on the sand? Dribble a basketball on courts of different materials, some that absorb more energy and some that absorb less energy, and you will soon know the answer to that question.”


It’s going on all week, visit the Hall of Science website for more information!